As a little customer, I used to watch the girls working in the ice cream corner, assembling their creations and hope that I might have a chance to do that some day. I began working there during my senior year in high school and came back every summer until I was finished with college. It was the best "first job" I could have had. Ruth taught me many things during those summers, from making a great batch of coleslaw and the perfect ice cream cone to working as a team and doing my best at every task. At Green Acres, you're more than just an employee, you're part of the family. I go back and visit every summer. It's a great place to be!

It was 1972 when I started at Green Acres. I remember waiting for the phone call after I put in my application. I was so afraid that I wouldn't get hired. Thank goodness, I did get the job and started working in April of 1972. The first $200 that I made, bought me contact lenses-they were hard ones in those days. Without my job at Green Acres, I would have had to wear glasses all through high school! Green Acres still had carhops in those days! and a gravel parking lot. Seems like there always was someone who would roll their window down too far and drop their tray of food on the ground! The dining room was half the size back then, and it was always busy. We all learned all of the jobs...fryers, grill, ice cream machines and it was a great start for me in the working world. We became like a family during those summers at Green Acres and I still think fondly of the people and place. I could not have had a better job during my high school years. I still love to stop at Green Acres when I am in the valley during the summer. One of my boys loves the Big Acre.....and finds it amazing that I can remember when Rodney first made it!

Green acres, the best little place in town. Look for the white chef sign   on the roof.  We have reunions, birthday parties, celebrations; any reason to come is great. Little enough to know you and big enough to please you. I love working there; I’ve been there 11yrs. Its the best job in the world, we work together as a team, pleasing is our theme. The food is excellent, and the desserts are exceptional. Spring is fast approaching and talk is already of the opening of the season. Ruth and Pete are the greatest people ever. They show compassion, friendship and honor in all that work there, and customers. I love it when I see customers come with there cameras and take pictures. You know there satisfied and are taking memories of families and friends. I’ve seen multiple generations working there, so you know that it’s a job that’s like family. So if you thought about wanting to work, come join the team. Hard working, honest and friendly is what we are all about...

Green Acres was a staple in my life each summer - and that of everyone else's in Dolgeville. I remember working there with Ruth, Laura and Ruth’s dad. Some of my memories include mixing the cole slaw in the big tubs, and cleaning out Big Bertha (the soft ice cream machine). I remember working with Ruth’s dad and how he used to pace back and forth when it was slow -- then, one car would pull in and he would tell everyone to "Get ready - here they come!" :)  I remember locking the doors each and every evening at 11:30 pm on the weekend nights and cleaning the dining room - with music blasting and us singing and dancing around. When I wasn't working at Green Acres, I was usually ending my evenings with a walk up the hill to grab a quick treat, late on a weekend night with my high school friends. Then, of course, getting in trouble with my Dad b/c he said that I needed to come home and be in by 11 pm. So many memories, so many years of innocent youth - and MUCH of it surrounding Green Acres when we were young. I'm so glad it lives on in Dolgeville.